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I had my trailer door open, so passers-by would look in and freak out to see this alien! The fabric naturally stretches from high point to high point, right? Then came the hardest part — pulling here other tit out, which was even now slightly bigger than the other one had been to push.

  • Seven theorized that when her breasts reached three times their present size, the Captain, and every other woman aboard Voyager, would be intimdated into total submission.

  • The Breasts Were Constructed Seven of Nine's corset underneath the catsuit The other thing you notice about the catsuit are the boobs.

Seven felt a triumph as her normally resilient catsuit tore apart like it was made of paper as her might tits, now about the same size displayed themselves with any cover.

  • Anonymous I never did like the silver catsuit and I think making Jeri Ryan wear that awful corset and the Borg implants were so unnecessary.

  • Though her massive breasts were the main feature, her small waist and large ass contemplated her hourglass figure despite the fact no one could probably see them behind the mass of boob.

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