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Pascha koblenz

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Koblenz pascha File:Bundesarchiv Bild

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Koblenz pascha

Koblenz pascha

Koblenz pascha

Koblenz pascha

Koblenz pascha

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  • Each girl has a rented room and will sit on a stool or stand by their door.

  • After 1945 inter alia in West Berlin Dr.


  • The confiscation history of this object is important because it highlights the fact that the Möbel-Aktion campaign quickly morphed into a massive bureaucracy of plunder in and through which objects looted prior to Möbel-Aktion were incorporated into its cataloguing and inventorying activities.

  • Klasse mit Kriegsband, Rumänisches Sanitäts-Verdienstkreuz 1.

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