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The Nephilim and the Sons of God


Eventually, the children of the Gods The direct genetic descendants later became the Kings and Queens of old, and everyone else got to be the peasants.

  • It says they were on the earth at the time the sons of God had children with the daughters of men an event that also presents with too little information to be dogmatic about any interpretation.

  • And first of all Naftali was an Israelite tribe.

There is a possibility that some on the paradise side of Hell will be thrown in the lake of fire and some of those tormented with regret will be granted eternal life.

  • What is this hidden knowledge? For here, Adam, Eve and the other beloved characters of Genesis are woven into an alien account of a primal battle between the Father of Greatness and the Sons of Darkness.

  • They came from Ham and they were Black people.

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