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In her personal life, Maryse and Mike Mizanin got engaged in 2013.

  • And it sounds like the two are going to be great parents with Mike revealing, in an interview with Heavy.

  • Although the initial plan seemed to have Miz and Maryse paired up with Ambrose and Renee, it now seems like the logical plan is for a feud with Cena and Nikki, which is likely to reach its peak at WrestleMania.

The sexual overdrive of the adolescent male leaves him desiring female flesh more than any other philosophical meaning or purpose.

  • While hosting, things got off to a decent start, but soon enough, that would all go south as Miz became a regular botcher messing up his lines on a weekly basis.

  • Despite the fact that he dropped the belt, the duo is still thriving set to face Cena and Nikki at WrestleMania in what should be a high profile bout for the night.

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